Class 1

NSPCC Number Day:
The whole school enjoyed number day and raised lots of money for the NSPCC. In class 1 we enjoyed lots of number activities. We played lots of maths games, completed puzzles and did lots of number colouring and dot-to-dots. Great job class 1!
Sharing a Story:
We love reading in class 1! Class 2 joined in with our sharing story time and helped us to read a range of stories. The children shared their stories beautifully and class 2 did a fantastic job at helping us to read the stories. 
Safari Sam: 
In class 1 we have been recieving letters and parcels from an explorer called Safari Sam. We have been learning all about Africa and the animals that live there. We decided to write a letter back to Safari Sam to thank him for the parcel and letter. Lovely writing class 1! 
Look how much we've grown! 
In class 1 we have been learning all about The Hungry Caterpillar and life cycles. We went on to explore our own life cycles by sketching ourselves as babies and now. We discussed how we have changed and what we can do now. 
Mental Health Week: 
In class 1 we have had a lovely time discussing our feelings and how to look after ourselves and each other. The children did really well at sorting different feelings by using facial expressions as clues. Well done!
Spring Term 
Welcome back! I hope you were all able to the Christmas holidays and feel rested. Below is some information about the children will cover this term. 
Many thanks,
Mrs Squance
A special well done to all the children in class 1, you did such a great job performing for the whole school nativity! What beautiful singing! Good job everyone. 
Winter Welly Walks:
The children have enjoyed observing the recent changes in the seasons outside. We have seen lots of frost and watched the leaves change colour and fall from the trees. Recently we enjoyed sketching the Christmas trees at the scout field. 
We have really enjoyed our yoga sessions with Vicky at pre-school. We have learnt how to be calm and make lots of different shapes with our bodies. 
We have been learning all about The Three Little Pigs. We have enjoyed learning to mix colours and carefully paint pictures of pigs and wolves.
Welly Walks:
We have had a lovely first half term at the scout field with the pre-school. We have made lots of lovely nature pictures and had fun climbing trees and building shelters.
Welcome to Class 1!
I hope you had an enjoyable summer holidays. This is a really exciting time for the children as they start their school journey. Below is a helpful poster for school readiness.
I'm looking forward to the year ahead!
Mrs Squance
Early reading information
Please find some early reading information that I hope you will find informative.
Some special visitors!
Together with the pre-school, class 1 enjoyed meeting two special furry visitors! One of the parents came in to talk to us all about two special lambs she was looking after. The children enjoyed petting and feeding the two lovely lambs.