Class 2

Welcome to class 2!
Spring term
Our topic is...
A Pirate's life for me!
Today I was visited by some scary Pirates singing Pirate Shanties! Mr Miners has been teaching the class these in their music lessons. 
Mrs Martin found this message on the beach! 
As requested by Captain George Longbeard, we have been researching the properties of materials (paper, cardboard, plastic and fabric) and came up with a design for a shoe. We made them but soon learnt that these were not the ideal materials to make a shoe with. We then looked at our own shoes and discussed why the materials chosen were fit for purpose!
We have been learning all about the life of Blackbeard! We have studied his flag and this inspired us to design and make our own.
We have been learning about performance poetry and have learnt this poem!
We have started learning about Islam as part of our RE unit of work. We had a fantastic discussion about where people believe that they can find God. Mrs Martin was so impressed with our ideas that we have made them into a display which can be found in our classroom for everyone to see!
Autumn term
Our topic is...
Amazing people and animals!
What a busy term we have had! Here is our journey of learning through topic this term. 

Class 2 have really enjoyed learning about Mary Seacole. We have studied this portrait of her which was painted in 1869 when Mary was 64 years old. We have learned all about drawing faces, from proportion to eye shape, and have now had a go painting our class mates.

We have been learning about the life of Florence Nightingale and made a puppet show to teach others about her too!
We had a great time at the Scout Field making habitats for insects. We thought very carefully about what they might like and made it nice and dark for them. Our bug houses are now in the garden and we will be checking them regularly to see if we have any visitors!
We are learning about habitats as part of our science work. Today we have been out looking in different micro-habitats for any sign of life. We were lucky enough to see a butterfly, bee, wasp, grasshopper, woodlouse, spider and much more!
We have learned the book "I love bugs!" by Emma Dodd. This is a lovely descriptive book written in the style of a poem. 
What kind of bugs do you like?