Class 1

We have really been enjoying PE with Mr Luxa! Here we are running and practising our jumping, well done everyone! 
This half-term we have been exploring and making moving pictures, learning about different types of mechanisms: sliders, levers and wheels. KS1 made their own fairytale moving pictures with a mechanism of their choice1
In science we have been learning about seasons and measuring weather. We had a go at measuring how windy the day was using bubbles! 
In KS1 we collected natural materials during a welly walk to create our own 'nature self-portraits'. The children used the materials they found very effectively and created some beautiful artwork. 
The Reception children had a lovely time creating their own 'season trees' exploring colours and objects they might find during different seasons. Lovely trees everyone!
As the sun was shining, we were able to make some lovely season paintings in teams. The children thought carefully about the different colours they may see for the different seasons and created some lovely paintings. 
We have really enjoyed our Welly Walks this half-term and have been able to do some lovely activities. We have been on nature walks, looked for special items, made some beautiful natural art and worked well in teams to create castles and dens! Well done everyone!
Welcome to Bumble Bee Class!
It is so exciting to welcome returning and new children to the class. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you on our class page. 
Due to the current guidelines we are now asking that on days where children are required to be in different clothes (from their school uniform), that your child come to school ready and does not need to get changed. Here is a table of the week: 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PE Welly Walk School Uniform School Uniform PE
Full PE kit, including trainers (shorts when warmer, tracksuit bottoms when colder)  Outdoor clothing with waterproof shoes and coat. Additional layers for the cold weather.     Full PE kit, including trainers (shorts when warmer, tracksuit bottoms when colder)
Early reading information
Please find some early reading information that I hope you will find informative.
If your child is new to school, you may find this resource helpful as it focuses on some key skills you may want to develop with your child. 
The Curriculum programmes for each year groups across Early Years and  KS1. All KS1 children will share topics of learning this year.