Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Summer Term
Welcome back to school! Our topic for this term is...
The Enchanted Garden!
Here are our Curriculum Outlines for this term:
We have been planting vegetables and sunflowers! Fingers crossed for some sunshine to help them grow..!
Welly walk transition sessions
We are really enjoying our Tuesday morning sessions with the preschool children. We have been going over to the Scout Field to do some outdoor learning together. This week we were looking for some creepy, crawly mini-beasts as part of our Enchanted Garden topic.
Early reading talk
Thank you to all of the parents that came to the talk about supporting early reading on 17th March 2017. Underneath are the powerpoint slides and some helpful resources.
Will an alien come to see us?
We have been making alien slime and alien cake in hope that an Alien will come and pay us a visit. We then designed and made traps.
Sun video:
We are learning about Space! As part of our English work, we have been learning about the Sun. Here is an information video that we have made.
We have been learning all about shape in Gymnastics. We have learnt how to pike, dish, tuck, straddle, arch & make our bodies very straight. Can you spot what shapes we are making on the various pieces of apparatus?