We are very fortunate in having an enthusiastic and committed PTFA, which aims to support and extend the life of the school in the local community. To this end there is a committee that organises a varied annual programme of events, raising money so we can afford some of the 'extras' such as trips and special equipment. Without the PTFA and its efforts, these would be unaffordable.

Of course, the success of this group depends on the active support of our parents. Please do get in touch if you feel you could help in any way or have ideas for fund-raising or events.

The AGM was held on Tuesday 11th October.  There is a newly appointed set of officers as follows:

Chair - Emma Benjamin

Vice Chair - Ruth Salmon

Treasurer - Christina Jillians

Secretary - Robyn Wells


A Vooght, D Fitzsimmons, A Smith, S Shorey, S Shervington, J Carter, A. Martin, K. Ford, C. Hill,

J Baughan Kiddle, D Cote, T. Preston

If there are any other parents who would like to come and help with the events run by the PTA then please come and find one of us at school.  If anyone has any ideas for events for fundraising then again please come and have a chat.