Woodleigh Federation in Management Partnership with the Link Academy
Head of School: Mrs. Alex Waterman

Class teachers:
  • Mrs. Alex Waterman - Full-time
  • Mrs. Laura Berry - 0.6 
  • Mrs. Nicola Miners - Full-time
  • Miss Gemma Denford - Full-time
  • Mr. Richard Miners, Music - Part-time 0.2
 Higher Level Teaching Assistants
  • Mrs Joanna Tripp - Full-time
  • Mrs. Tracey Wood - Part-time 0.6
Teaching Assistants:
  • Mrs Jane Madge - Part-time 0.4
  • Miss Ollivia Gard - Full-time
  • Mrs. Karen Bowden - Full-time
  • Mrs. Trudy Pearce - Part-time 0.8
Non-teaching staff:
  • School Administrator: Mrs Linda McCracken
  • Kitchen Assistant: Provided by Devon Norse
Lunch time Supervisors:
  • Mrs Jane Madge
  • Miss Ollivia Gard
  • Mrs. Karen Bowden
  • Mrs. Trudy Pearce
Breakfast Club:
  • Mrs Jane Madge - Breakfast Club
 Curriculum roles - Autumn 2016

Alex Waterman:           Head of School, Acting SENDCO, Senior Designated Safeguarding Officer,  

                                    Teaching & Learning, Maths, Art/DT, Associate Governor

Nicola Miners:              Humanities, Music

Laura Berry:                 Science, NQT Tutor, Designated Safeguarding Officer

Gemma Denford:           Foundation Leader, Pre-school Links, English

Joanna Tripp:               Computer Science, Staff Governor

Tracey Wood:              Student Council, Intervention

Karen Bowden:              Thrive, Playground Friends

Richard Miners:            Music

Jane Madge:                Reading Intervention

Ollivia Gard:                 Resources

Trudy Pearce:              Reading Intervention

Linda McCracken:         Administrator, Finance